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About Me

Hi There 👋

Thank you for your interest to built with me. I love to hear more about it. I also offer 1 hour free discussion for understand your need or share my thought about your need.

More About Me

Seasoned technology enthusiast with 7+ years of hands-on experience in software development, DevOps culture building, and strategic problem-solving. Proven track record of driving innovation, product discovery, and creating proof-of-concept in diverse engineering domains. Have 4+ years experience working remotely and asynchronously.

Adept at leading discussions, providing mentorship, and delivering impactful talks at both local meet-ups and international conferences. Skilled in leveraging a robust skill set, including proficiency in programming languages (Python, Node.js, Go), Bash, Kubernetes, IaC, CI/CD, and system optimization.

Spearheaded approximately 20 teams with multiple projects to adopt DevOps practices, implemented better containerization, better observability, and enhanced CI/CD pipelines. Excels in bridging the gap between high-level business problems and deep technical product development.

Open to engaging conversations on technology and eager to contribute to impactful projects, especially developer-focused products.

Check my linkedin for my working history.